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Virtually all drivers today are facing parking problems. It’s just one of those moments when you find yourself struggling to park your car, anxiously checking your mirror, maneuvering between right and left/ front and back – adjusting the perfect angle, car body ‘straight’, wheels ‘straight’… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Oftentimes, while backing up your vehicle you might end up hitting a post or a parked car.  

With ‘Beep & Park’ assist system from Valeo, your vehicle can be parked quickly and easily in complete safety. The pure sound of “beep, beep, beep” will keep you alert while reversing, offering  you peace of mind in all parking maneuvers. 

 Valeo Beep & Park 

Audio Signal

Using ultrasound sensors, the onboard system detects any obstacle behind or in front of the vehicle (other vehicles, pedestrians, curbstones, etc) and informs the driver of its proximity with an audio signal that intensifies and becomes continuous when the vehicle comes within 30 cm of the object.

A control screen installed over the central rearview mirror or on the dashboard supplements the information by indicating the distance and location of the obstacle (front or back; right or left).

Easy installation, smooth integration
With their small size and wide range of colors, the sensors allow discreet integration in the bumpers without affecting the overall look of the vehicle.

‘Beep & Park’ assist systems are compatible with any vehicle and it comes in a variety of forms, pick the one that matches your vehicle’s senses, find out more on our website, or visit ‘Beep & Park’ page.